This was a talk I gave at a Civic Session as part of my fellowship at Civic University. We are hosting four Civic Sessions (called Civic Saturdays throughout the US) this year, and I will share the talks here as they happen. Although this was given in my town, I believe this…
First we notice where we live and then we share our joy. Talking about our feelings about our work has long been looked down upon, but what if we turned…
Or why I want you to experiment with loving where you live. This year, over a series of experiments, interviews, and essays, we will dive deeply into…
Step back shit stirrers, storytellers and doubt spreaders.
Never a good sign and honestly where is the fun?
Exploring my own pace and how I share what my own needs are in a society that rewards fast.
Allowing for radical collaborations and reducing "othering" in our community.
I have so much unlearning to do in my professional life. Everything changed in 2020, but it began ten years ago with a popcorn necklace.
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